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I am overwhelmed with Athletes who are confused and uneducated about sports nutrition. Along with that there is a negative diet mentality ingrained in teenagers and athletes that they think they need to have a six pack or be extremly skinny, to achive what they believe is "fit". In doing so they undereat. They obsess over exercise or starve to reach these ridiculous expectations they have for themselves. Aside from that, they are fatigued and have a lack in progress when training by not properly fueling their body for their activity or sport. This leaves them drained, dehydrate, improperly fuel and without the necessary tools for athlete recovery.  

I am determined to change athletes mindset of these toxic unachievable expectations and teach them to fuel their body with proper nutrition. Eductate them in sports nutrition that will not only change their performance for the better but help them create a healthy self image and provide them with the tools for a healthy sustainable lifestyle. 

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